An Introduction – Or ‘People Want to Hear What You Have to Say’

So, I’ve had this nagging desire to start a blog. I have no idea how it is going to turn out, and that terrifies me. I have ideas for things I want to write about but I’m not sure how they’ll fit together and I am not sure what you are going to make of them. However, if I don’t take this risk, I’ll never know.

I’ve been commenting on a number of blogs under the handle NessieMonster and it’s become apparent that I Have Words, indeed, far more than I thought I did. Elodie Under Glass penned two sentences many months ago on blogging well and they struck a chord,

            “There are things that you have to say that nobody else does. Trust that the people who need to hear your words will find them.”

echoing what someone said to me in May. Now, nearly a year later, it is time to speak. I want to talk about the ideas that interest me, puzzle me, infuriate me and inspire me. I expect there will be posts on feminism, BDSM, sex and body image. There will undoubtedly be posts on the trials of being a scientist-in-training and I expect this will be a place where I struggle to make sense of and explain difficult concepts, especially where I haven’t yet succeeded in person. Of the blogs I read avidly, few have such a wide scope. Is a singular vision necessary? I don’t know. I hope you’ll stick around and take what’s useful to you. I can’t be the only one thinking these thoughts so I’m going to throw them out there and see what takes root.

love, Nessie