Honestly, a proper post is on it’s way later tonight. I had a super busy week last week, and a lovely but busy weekend that involved traipsing from Manchester to Liverpool to Sheffield to London and then finally back to Manchester, which is about 500 miles in all.

Salient UK Geography

I have some cool stuff to say about supervising sixth formers in a lab and talking about microscopy, and a comment-turned-blog-post on ‘feeling sexy’ and what it means to me, with thoughts about gender performativity. Next week I’m attending an international conference on NF-kB and I’m going to be giving a short talk to the Project Advisory Board, which might bring up some interesting observations. We’ll see. I’m also starting a new yoga class tonight – can’t wait!

Coda. Non-UK readers may well have heard that Maggie Thatcher died last week. Just to clarify, pretty much everyone “oop North” who is of working class background hates her guts. There were frickin’ parties! Ding Dong the Witch is Dead made it to Number 2 in the SIngles Chart and the BBC refused to play it in full. The YouTube comments are… informative, you might say.

Geographically, it’s worth noting that no-one “dahn sarf” or “oop north” actually wants to own the Midlands. Also, I’m completely biased because I was born and raised in London but have spent my entire adult life living north of the border of my own free will. I don’t think you could pay me enough to live in the capital again.