Honestly, there are new posts coming!

So, it’s the 21st of August, and I haven’t posted since the 12th. I meant to post once a week but it has been so busy round here lately! And I’m only posting now because the other alternative is working on my poster for a major conference. I’m not procrastinating…. Oh wait! That’s exactly what I’m doing.

Onwards to the excuses then.
I moved house at the weekend! It went smoothly and some very kind strangers, who are friends of my new housemate, helped load and unload me from a van and into the new place. Unfortunately the house has had some teething problems, for example, we couldn’t work out how to switch on the fridge. Apparently, that little dial that goes from 0 to 6, if it’s set to zero the fridge stays off. How did I not know this? At least it answer my long-running puzzle of ‘does a higher number make the fridge colder or warmer?’ If I had my way, the dial would display the temperature in degrees C, so that I can tell whether or not it’s at 4°C as it should be, and it would have a separate ‘Off’ marker. Hmmph.

The plumber also came by this morning to fix the leaky cold water tank and will be back later in the week to replace the broken valves on the radiators. There’s also a broken window to fix, a shower that overheats and switches off repeatedly and some doors that stick when closed that need planing to fit the door frames. Aside from all of that, and the box mountain that has taken over my bedroom, everything is fine!

So yes, moving house on Saturday, a week spent running around at uni trying to get samples prepared for a massive qPCR run to look at the genes I’m interested in, preceded by a weekend afflicted by a bladder infection that I had to get antibiotics for, all whilst trying to pack my belongings. You guys, I have SO. MUCH. STUFF! Four, FOUR, boxes of kitchen equipment. Two boxes of medieval re-enactment kit. Four to six boxes of books, important papers, and crafting stuff. Two six foot bookcases and a giant chest of drawers. Clothes, clothes and more clothes, and shoes. And yet all of it is stuff I use, and have used more than once in the past year. Things I found in boxes from when I last moved that I haven’t used, I threw away. Clothes that didn’t fit and shoes that blistered, I charity shopped. And still there is stuff everywhere. Ugh. It’s going to take me a good solid weekend of unpacking to sort everything out and I won’t get that weekend for another two weeks because as I hinted at, poster and Conference.

I’m going to the International Systems Biology Conference in Copenhagen with three others from the lab, and this will be my first and last big science conference. It will have over a thousand attendees and will last five and a half days. I will have to do socialising and networking and scouting for competitors, things that do not come so easily to me. I have to have my poster ready by Tuesday next week and I’m supposed to have a good draft for my supervisor to look at tomorrow morning. Tonight is going to be a long one.

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