Quest Companions

Elodie very graciously sent me her Dress of Radiation, which fits perfectly, and for which I now need to organise a suitable occasion for its wear. She also gave me a gift of pipecleaners, or chenille stems, as some know them. In gratitude I promised her a post displaying the fruits of my labours and here, finally, it is.

Please welcome to the fold my four brave and trusty companions:


Kim, the Rageasaurus, Defender of Righteousness, and Champion of Feelings.


Madame Lefoux, Octopus Extraordinaire, Reckless Sidekick and and Inspirer of Derring-do.


Shelob, Most Feared Spider and Destroyer of Enemies.


Becka the Bacteriophage, Supporter of Difficult Science.

The journey is long and the way is hard but a Seer has foretold that in facing this mighty Quest, a Grimoir will be discovered amongst the writings of ages past, and its contents will prove themselves worthy in the Final Battle against two Great Mages, wherein powerful magicks will be used. With the support of my loyal companions, surely I will vanquish them.

4 thoughts on “Quest Companions

  1. Have you thought of transferring to a PhD in Runeology, my dear? I only ask because I ran a special module last year called The Great Nordic Rageasaurus Epic: Myth or History? (sadly no takers this year, but you could change all that!). Yours, Dr Ada. (PS. I believe I caught a glimpse of the Grimoir in the Dean’s office, but it is very shy).

    • I have thought about it but alas I am so close to end of this quest that I must follow the way. Do tell me however, is the Nordic Rageasaurus myth or history?

      And yes, I have heard tell that the Grimoir is a very shy creature – to be coaxed out of hiding with tenacious care because it is also a very changeable creature, like to shapeshift at the slightest startlement.

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