Stay within the lines. The lines are your friends.

The Science Blogosphere is having a similar blow-up to the Atheist and Geek communities about harassment and racism. Shit’s hitting the fan at the Scientific American blog.

Click through on all the linky-links and see for yourself; I particularly recommend: The Insidious Power of Not-Quite-Harassment

Blue Lab Coats

Starting this post by saying:

1. I stand with DNLee.

Everyone who has been watching the science blogosphere in the last week knows what that means. Everything that happened to Dr. Lee from Ofek to how the removal of her post was handled, to excuses that were made for this and that……was a big snowballing shit load of wrong. I’m so sorry that Dr. Lee was victimized.

2. I stand with Monica Byrne, Hannah Waters, and every woman who has been the target of sexual remarks, harassment, or abuse in the workplace. That, as should be apparent by now, pretty much includes everyone who goes to work bearing two X chromosomes. The end results of this kind of thing are never good- they damage the victim (you can read the two posts above, or maybe talk to your own wife or daughter about how this hurts if…

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