And breathe

Well, I was going to have another proper post up by now. I’ve got one I started but it was rambly and uncomfortable and is mainly about jiu jitsu. Also, I’m now at home in London, going to visit a friend for a catch-up and window shopping in Camden. I probably won’t have time to get that post finished this evening but maybe tomorrow? Who knows.

As for how I’m feeling? Tired mostly,with an undercurrent of sad. Being off sick is doing a number on my need to be in control, capable and independent. I feel rubbish for not being able to cope and being what feels like a complete mess. I also don’t want people to make a fuss of me or worry about me. I don’t want them asking awkward questions or asking the dreaded “are you okay?” Because of course I’m damn well not! If I was, I wouldn’t be off sick with stress, would I?!

And breathe out.


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