Blogging to End Mental Health Discrimination

Damn, almost missed this:



Today was a day to take time to talk about mental health. So here goes. I’ve been depressed twice in my life so far, each time for about 6 months. Neither of those times did I realise how bad it had become and it was only after I got better that I was able to look back and see the depression for what it was. I only realised I had been having suicidal thoughts (TW!) after a period of time had gone by without them. I expect it may happen again in the future but I hope that I will be able to spot it earlier and get diagnosed and treated. I hope that next time those close to me will notice when my health is taking a nose-dive and more importantly – will say something about it.

I’ve also been so chronically stressed I had to take two months off work. I’m still recovering from that and trying to build better habits so that I can lessen my chances of it happening again. Given that I’m in the end game of my PhD, this is not going to be easy.

The stigma surrounding mental health prevented me getting help when I was depressed because I was convinced I “wasn’t that nuts” and that I “was stronger than that”. I was too embarrassed to seek counselling the first time round. The second time round, it helped a lot but it wasn’t enough on its own. When I was off sick with stress, it was something I couldn’t talk about with everyone because I was afraid that it might colour their opinion of me, especially those at work.

These are just some of the reasons why mental health discrimination sucks.

What’s your story?