People Identify…

People identify as queer, or gay, or lesbian, or asexual, or poly, or any number of other complex sexual orientations and sexualities and relationship orientations, because the norm is monogamy and heterosexuality. Unless someone explicitly labels otherwise, that person is going to be assumed to be part of that norm, which means that a crucial part of her identity is quietly erased. She must explicitly out herself, with a label, in order to assert her humanity and her place in the world.

For example, a bisexual woman in a relationship with a man must either allow people to erase her by assuming (and calling) her heterosexual…or she must repeatedly be outspoken about her bisexuality. She needs a label to describe her sexuality because she’s not conforming to the social norm, because her sexuality is different. If she doesn’t have that label, if that label is taken away from her, if people insist that labels aren’t needed to talk about sexuality because ‘we’re all human beings (man),’ then she becomes smaller. Lesser. She is invisiblised, simply because people don’t want to be confronted with the reality of her sexuality, and they don’t have to be if she has no label to identify with.

We Need Labels, Because the Alternative is Disappearing | this ain’t livin’

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