The different stages of the writing process

Keeping this for future reference! This “it wasn’t finished, and then it still wasn’t finished” really resonates.
My first results chapter draft is somewhere around 35% (it needs an introduction and discussion) while my second results chapter is maybe at 5% because I haven’t even pulled the figures together yet. Hmmm.

Research Degree Voodoo

Think -> Write -> Edit -> Polish by Katherine Firth

Last week, I talked about the writing cycle being a trap for perfectionists when applied to each sentence, but really useful when applied to larger sections.

Today, I’d like to think about the Writing Cycle in relation to the process of completing a project, the writing up of a PhD Thesis.

Kerryann Rockquemore (one of the rockstars of the effective academic writing blogosphere) says this:

Just imagine what would happen if you reliably identify a manuscript as being in one of four stages of completion: 1) 0-25 percent, 2) 25-50 percent, 3) 50 – 75 percent, or 4) 75-100 percent. And what if you could draw upon a group of readers at each stage of that manuscript’s development so that you’re regularly getting feedback.

 This is pretty helpful, because one of the great difficulties I faced when doing my PhD was that it wasn’t…

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