Orphan Black Season 2 Finale!

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! The finale for season 2 of Orphan Black! Well fuck me sideways, that was bloody fantastic!

Spoilers below the cut. All the spoilers. Seriously.O. M. G. That was amazing! So very, very good! Boy Clones! Military plotting, and yet another woman who’s allegiance is questionable to say the least.

And fuck, Mrs. S.! Shipping Helena out to the military. I assume to help grease the wheels for Sarah and Kira’s safe return, BUT STILL! Jesus, woman, have you no shame?!

Best bit had to be the pencil rocket. Straight into Rachel’s eye. Will she survive? I assume so, but ugh, gruesome.

On the other hand, the clone dance party was lovely. The video below shows how they did it. ALL the bluescreen:

I did think Cosima wasn’t going to wake up in the morning. :-/

Also, what they everloving Hell was Helena planning with the nitrogen gas diffuser? Nitrogen gas will suffocate you without warning, it’s odourless and colourless and heavier than air, and being released from compression is expands rapidly. I can only assume she was trying to kill the remaining clones, but why? Unless, she’s still on a bit of a religious killing spree crusade? I thought she was over that? Thoughts? 

….Nitrogen gas cannister, aka, cryostorage, which the internet tells me is for Helena’s eggs. Makes sense. Who knows, perhaps Cosima can use them with the Island of Dr Moreau and do a wee bit of genetic engineering. Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, what about Delphine? Will she be back, or is she gone for good? Poor lass, getting screwed over by Rachel’s double crossing evil. Although, I suppose we should spare a thought for Rachel – she can’t remember being loved by her mother and father, who, incidentally, killed himself in front of her in order to thwart her schemes. Because who knows what Rachel is really plotting?

Finally, awww the wedding between Mark and Gracie, who is still carrying her father’s unwanted offspring with Helena’s eggs, by the way. Eeep. I hope they get a bit of peace, but that’s unlikely I suppose.

Oh and Kira is carrying Professor Duncan’s code and Cosima’s realised what it is!