Liebster Love

Well I said I would, so here’s my follow up.

Firstly, thanks to Kasey over at Valprehension!

Trouble is, my blog feed is very short on other small(er) blogs. The ones I was following have all gone very, very quiet. So instead, I’m linking to a handful of blogs that have meant the world to me in last couple of years.

The Reluctant Femme for reminding me it really is okay to like girly stuff, and for getting me into nail polish.

Diary of a Goldfish for general awesomeness, but also excellent writings on disability, abuse, depression etc.

The Pursuit of Harpyness – these women gave me an excellent grounding in lots of aspects of feminist thought, covering things like abortion, domestic violence, poetry, fat acceptance and the diet industry. The archives are still available if you want a good read.

A Damsel in this Dress – historical costume designer, mainly focusing on medieval, but also the Regency and Victorian eras. Beautiful corsets and underpinnings and detailed step-by-step posts on how to make the clothes. Always a good read/oggle.

An Ex-Academic Follower of Fashion – currently quiet but excellent posts on dealing with mental illness while in academia. She reminds me that I’m not alone in this mess.

Spanked, Not Silenced. Pandora Blake – Kink, porn and politics. Definitely NSFW. Instumental in accepting my kink side and learning about sex positive feminism and how porn doesn’t have to be degrading.

Random list of facts about me:

  1.  I translated all the runes inside the Lord of the Rings books when I was 12 – it’s actually an amazing summary of the history that preceeded the War of the Rings.
  2. I know the first scene of the first act of MacBeth off by heart and got to say a few lines on the stage of the Globe Theatre as part of a school trip in Junior School.
  3. I used to be scared of heights because I climbed too high up a tree in the dark, and overcame my fear by climbing 36 m or 125 ft up to the top of the mast of a Tall Ship.
  4. I loved the Famous Five as a kid and wanted to be George because she was awesome. I also wanted to be Darrell Rivers in Malory Towers. Who doesn’t want a feast at midnight be the sea?!
  5. I plan to have a garden some day, with roses and lavender and other herbs that smell nice and can be used in cooking. Also strawberries, and hopefully a Plum tree.
  6. I used to do Irish Dance when I was a teen and wish I still could, but it didn’t agree with my knees. At all. These days I just dance freeform in my living room to music.
  7. I love Clannad, Enya, and also now, Julie Fowlis. And sea shanties.
  8. I play the piano (to Grade 6 standard) and nowadays, I actually practise. For fun. Turns out scales aren’t so boring after all but arpeggios are still a pain.
  9. Ludovico Einaudi is one of my favourite pianists and seeing him perform at the Barbican in London is one of my better memories.
  10. I’ve done a skydive, and can’t wait to do another one. It was mind-blowingly awesome! Best feeling ever!