Under Pressure

Well, somehow or other it’s the 18th of December today and it’s Christmas Day in a week. As ever, I’m not sure where the time’s gone.

I’m stressed about Christmas, because since my parents separated three years ago, it’s complicated Christmad Day celebrations no end. I know I’m not the only one in this situation, given what the divorce rate is, but I’m the only one in my close social circle who’s been through it. It hit me again today just how sad it makes me that my parents aren’t still together any more. It’s like bereavement in that regard. It’s been a few years, you think you’ve adjusted to the loss fairly well, and it doesn’t occupy your thoughts most of the time, but on special occassions and at certain other times, it trips you up when you least expect it. It sucks, and it doesn’t really get talked about. Especially at Christmas when a key topic of conversation is what your holiday plans are.

Me? Well, I get to spend Christmas Day being nice and polite to my passive-aggressive, narcissistic Grandmother. Then I get to traipse halfway across London to see my Dad’s side of the family. That will be fun, but it still makes me sad because it’s a reminder that Mum and Dad aren’t together any more. From there, I’m going to Squisher’s parents’ home the rest of the way across London, out into the sticks. Then there’ll be the merry chaos that is his large family gathering.

Once all that’s over, it’s back to the grindstone.

My Thesis Submission Deadline is the 23rd January 2015.

That is horribly, horribly close. Too close for my liking. As I said at the start, where the hell’s the time gone??!!!!

I have assembled all my figures for Chapter 5 of my Thesis so that’s a huge relief and a huge milestone. But. BUT.

The To-Do List. Oh. My. God. the To-Do List!

1. Edit Chapter 4 and finalise its Intro and Discussion.

2. Write ALL of Chapter 5: Intro, Results, Discussion. (Approx 8,000 words)

3. Write Chapter 1: The Introduction. (Approx 6,000 left to write)

4. Write Chapter 6: The Discussion  (Length Unknown)

5. Frontmatter and Bibliography

6. Proofreading and polishing. All the nitpicky bits.

7. Print, Photocopy, Bind, Submit to Library and Examiners.


After all that, collapse, get drunk, recuperate for a week, go sailing, Prep For Viva, Job Hunt.

No biggie. It’ll be fine. Right? Riiiiight….

Wish me luck!

Also, if I’m not around much, you know why.

Conversely, If I’m around too much, kick me.

All the best for your holidays. Hope they’re as stress-free as can be.



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