Captain’s Log, Stardate 20151.3

Wooohooo, we’ve survived another calendar year! Go us! We haven’t killed the planet yet!

This is an FYI that this blog will be going dark for a few weeks. I have to submit my thesis in THREE WEEKS TIME AND OH GOD I AM SO NOT READY FOR THIS!

Besides attempting to keep a lid on my rising panic and writing like a motherfucker, I am not going to be doing much and need to be as distraction-free as possible. So I am going to love you and leave you, and see you all again when my new year properly starts. I.e. once I have handed in my thesis, which will be about the 26th of January.

I hope you have all survived the holiday season in one piece without too much stress and family upset. Hope this year is better than last year, even if going by the track record suggests that that is unlikely.

Much love to you all.

See you in a few weeks.

Statue of Eros covered in Snow, Sheffield

Snow in Sheffield, UK, many years ago.


Oh and as a funny/sad – numerous people have been landing on my blog looking for “teen sex”. And “gay seks” and “grandmother sex”.  Umm, this is probably not what you are looking for, but I hope you find it enlightening nevertheless.

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