Arghhhh *ragesmash*

Before I completely blow my top at my supervisor in an email, allow me to rant!

I have, as is customary, two PhD supervisors, however because one moved to Manchester within 6 months of me starting in Liverpool, he became completely uninvolved in the administrative side of my PhD. My primary supervisor in Liverpool has told me she won’t be available the day of my viva “but not to worry, it’s no big deal”.

Actually, it FUCKING IS. I KNOW you don’t give a shit about me or whether I even finish the fucking PhD, aside from how it affects your ratings with the research councils and University. BUT ACTUALLY the day of my viva is a huge fucking deal to me, and it would be *nice* to have some semblance of emotional support that day, rather than me turning up in a city where I have no connections anymore because everyone I once knew has left already. It’s only the most important, nerve-wracking day of my academic career to date! Beacuse wandering around campus the morning of my viva with no-one to keep me company is just going to be fucking great, ya know?!!!

Also, I thought it was customary for your supervisors to greet you after you emerge from the gruelling experience that is the viva. With champaign. And cake. And tissues. So that you can (hopefully) celebrate with the people you’ve been working with for the last four years.

I don’t currently know if my secondary supervisor from Manchester will be in attendance, either.



I believe the phrase is “fuck you. Fuck you all.”


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