Settling In to my New Home

This weekend was our first proper weekend in mine and Squishy’s new house! i.e. we were actually at home and not galivanting off to other parts of the country. We’re cohabiting for the first time so this is a major life milestone for us both. We got things done! For example, replacing the overflow pipe for the bath, replacing the shower head and doing all the laundry. Well, all my laundry at any rate.

We arranged the living room furniture so we have a sofa to sit on, a TV to watch and a HiFi to listen to. All our DVDs, computer games and CDs are on the shelves. We haven’t merged CD or book collections because I have OPINIONS on how they should be ordered, as does he. He thinks they MUST be alphabetical whereas I like mine to be ordered thematically and then by artist/author. In the case of books it’s doubly complicated because they must also be pleasing to the eye, and that means accounting for spine height. Srsly, nothing gets me more than having books in the same series by the same author from different print editions. Who thought changing the book dimensions was a good idea?!! The Terry Pratchett (may he find what he hopes for across the desert) books are particularly bad for this, especially once you start mixing hardback and paperback. ANYWAY.

What I was trying to say was that the living room almost looks like a living room now. It’s just a pity the same can’t be said of the rest of the house! The computer/dining room is chaos and the kitchen is covered in washing up. I hoped we’d get through it at the weekend but Age of Ultron took precedence. Sigh.


It’s almost this bad…. well, not quite.

I also got around to tackling a bit of the garden. I was SO excited that I finally have a garden to play in but Oh. My. Gods, it is a disaster. The only way it’s ever going to be a nice garden is by removing the topsoil, lawn and path completely and starting from scratch. I.e. not something you can do in a rental property when you are short of cash and probably not staying longer than a year. It is full, and I mean FULL, of bindweed. It’s all through the flowerbed and the lawn. Just, yikes.

There’s also a bed of stinging nettles and brambles. And like a bazillion ants nests, including red ants. Guess we won’t be sitting on the lawn on a picnic blanket come summer. I dug over a 3 ft by 1 ft section ofย  flower bed, removing all the grass and weed roots that I could and then called it a day. I’m going to sow some wildflower seeds and just hope for the best.

Long story short, my inner perfectionist and control freak is struggling. All the rooms in the house have me itching to FIX and TIDY EVERYTHING because there is so much STUFF everywhere. Few things are in the right places, and even fewer things have places to be. Everything is contingent on everything else and so it is hard to know where to start so I feel overwhelmed easily and decision paralysis results. None of my ornaments and trinkets are out because it’s not yet safe to unpack the fragile things, and none of my pictures are hanging on the wall because Squishy left his toolkit at work over the weekend and mine is woefully incomplete. It feels like we need a fortnight minimum just to get the house resembling a home but we both have work with ridiculously long commutes and I have PhD corrections to be getting on with (also adding to the anxiety like WHOA). So making time to prioritise the house is difficult.

I know we’ll get there eventually, but eventually is too long for my liking!

What about you, how long did it take you to settle in last time you moved house? How did you cope the first time you merged your life with a partner in a shared living space? How do you cope when your perfectionist tendencies make you want to meddle in things that aren’t yours? Thoughts on alphabetical vs thematic organisation of your media collections?




14 thoughts on “Settling In to my New Home

  1. Hello!
    First of all congratulations on the move! Seems like all went fairly well for you!
    I am due to move mid July to a whole new city to live with my significant other so it’s a huge lifestyle change for me! I shall be following your blog and see how you get on! X

    • Thanks, and good luck to you too. Doing long-distance for years had its downsides, as I’m sure you’re aware. So it’s good to finally have our own (rented) home. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Aww so you’ve done the long distance thing too! Wow!
        How long did that go on for? If you don’t mind me asking ๐Ÿ˜Š
        I bet it’s a huge relief to finally be together In Your own place!

  2. Your yard sounds like ours! Here’s to property managers who don’t take care of their properties and crappy past tenants! At least in our case this has translated to cheaper rent. I’m in year two of improvement on our yard, and we literally have had to dig up all the “grass” that was in place to reseed. Still working on that but I’m kind of proud of the progress we have made. We have bindweed everywhere too and I don’t know what to do about it. We have sprayed some areas but it only keeps it back temporarily. At least it’s not prickly.

    Don’t know what to tell you about book organization. Our kid has learned how to pull books off shelves so I feel like it’s an accomplishment to have them on the shelves at all. ๐Ÿ™‚ (And I was always slapdash about that stuff, to be totally honest.)

    • Yikes, digging up an entire “lawn” sounds like hard work! Still, I bet it was worth it.
      I sprayed all the bindweed I could see with Roundup and agve it two weeks before I began pulling up the roots *really carefully*. From what I read online it’ll be a war of attrition so I’ll settle for keeping my seedlings free of it.

      Heheh, I supposed that is one downside to kids – things don’t stay tidy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I feel you on Pratchett. Our current solution is that his hardbacks go on display in the living room and the paperbacks are in our bedroom, but it still unsettles me that they’re not together, especially as I’m rereading them in chronological order from first to last right now. (Currently on Moving Pictures which drags a bit.)

  4. I moved into my new apartment in October and there is still one box in the corner that I haven’t finished unpacking. But that’s just me being silly.

    The rest of the place was put together probably about a month after I moved in, and I live alone so it was only my stuff to deal with. I also still don’t have a proper couch… I have a futon mattress on the floor with some pillows to lean on.

    • Is it a big box or a little one? I unpacked my last two boxes today – one of stationery and the other of wall decorations. Now if I could just get Squishy to do his share……

      Couches are just so expensive! If you can find one on freecycle/craigslist/gumtree, that’s great but it’s still such a risk. Honestly, it was a complete stroke of luck that we got ours. It’s not amazing but it’s better than broken camping chairs.

      • It’s one big box full of miscellaneous junk that I should probably just throw out at this point. Except that there is some memory stuff in there that I may eventually want. Maybe.

        And yea, ugh couches/expensive furniture. I feel like maybe by the time I’m 30ish I may manage to assemble a whole room’s worth of furniture where none of the pieces are close to falling apart/significantly damaged/cheap pieces of shit. Maybe.

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