Graduation and a New Job!

I had my graduation last week and it was good fun. My robes were so pretty! Mum and Dad came up for it and were well behaved – the awkwardness was kept to a minimum, thank god. Got some great photos and had a very tasty lunch, as well as getting to catch up with old friends I hadn’t seen in over a year.

reb and black university robes

My PhD graduation robes!

Also, in even more exciting news, I have a full time job in my chosen field of Medical Communications, working for a company in Central London. It happened ridiculously fast, being offered the job the day after my interview, with exactly a week between attending the interview and starting work! I hope it works out in the long-term and that I fit in well and learn loads in the new company. They all seem very nice, but I’ve been fooled like that before so we’ll see how it goes. The first two days went well even though it was a little overwhelming – there is so much to learn and the guy I’m taking over from leaves for the US on Wednesday so we’re cramming the hand-over into a three day period. Wish me luck!

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