Survived my first week at work!

My first full week at my new job went well. I spent most of the week feeling horribly out of my depth just because there’s so much to learn. It’s a similar feeling to the one I had when I started my PhD. But I know it won’t last so it’s survivable. This week was a mix of conference calls (TCs, which is confusing because to me, TC means Tissue Culture!) with clients and hand-over meetings going through the backgrounds of the projects I’ll be working on as an Account Exec. There was a whole lot of training on what an Advisory Board is, and how to run one from start of the set-up to the post-event finish. Training on financial trackers and project status sheets, amongst other things. At some point we’ll be going through email communications with clients, and more project background info from the other senior account exec.

The people seem nice so far, if a little crazy, but given it’s a mix of people who escaped academia that’s not surprising! “Work hard, play hard” is their motto. One of the medical writers is massively into rock and metal, and is a Download festival goer. πŸ™‚

I haven’t quite figured out what I can and can’t wear to the office yet, as there is no fixed dress code. The guys are in jeans and shirts, and the women are in a right mix. Not proper business smart – we save that for face to face meetings with clients and being on-site at events. Doesn’t help that I cannot afford to go clothes shopping for at least another month. Two months without any income stream of my own has severely taxed mine and Squisher’s finances, and I don’t get paid until the end of August. We had to borrow hundreds of pounds off his Mum in order to afford my monthly season ticket on the High Speed rail into London.

Speaking of which, fucking trains!

There were no trains between Canterbury and Ashford from Monday to Wednesday because a train derailed after it hit a herd of cows that had wandered on to the tracks. This meant I had to get a rail replacement coach to Ashford on Monday morning, which in turn meant I was 40 min late to work when I should have been in 20 min early. Trying to get home on the Tuesday, a broken-down freight train earlier in the afternoon meant I was stuck at London Bridge station for an hour waiting for our train to depart. Changing trains at Faversham, my connecting train was also delayed because there was no driver or conductor. I was practically in tears by the time I got home at 9 pm, four hours after I’d left work. A nice hot bath, a ping-meal and half a tub of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate brownie ice cream went so way to fixing the matter.

I hope I don’t get a repeat of this trouble any time soon, but it’s part of the fate of being a long-distance commuter to London. So.

I knew it would suck but I was hoping I’d get a bit of time to get used to the commute before anything like that happened.

On the other hand, the train journey has given me time to read books. I’ve resorted to paperbacks because the 3G phone signal is limited to non-existent in Kent, plus there are lots of tunnels. Nothing quite so annoying as trying to read blogs and Tumblr on your phone, when the pages refuse to load or crap out half way through. Consequently I’m working my way through the Hunger Games trilogy again.Β  Love Katniss so much. β™₯

I am soooooo looking forward to the second half of the third film coming out in November. πŸ™‚

I also finally got around to watch the Kingsman: Secret Service last night, and oh my, was it good! Much better than any of the other spy films I’ve seen in the last year or so. Highly recommend.

Also, I now understand why my Tumblr feed was full of Eggsy. πŸ˜‰