6 weeks at the new job

Just dropping in to say hi, my lovelies. I’m still alive and doing rather well at the moment.

I’ve passed my 6 week probation at work, and my line manager is really happy with how quickly I’m picking things up. The work’s getting interesting as the two big projects I’m working on are gathering steam. The people I’m working with in the office are great and I have a good line manager for the first time. It’s such a change to struggling under my former PhD supervisor.

I’m getting used to the London commute, but it’s two hours each way which means I’m spending 20 hours a week commuting. It’s brutal and means I have very little free time at home during the week. By the time I walk in the door all I want is to eat instant food that requires no effort on my part, say hello to my Squishy,  and fall into bed. I do technically have the time on my commute all to myself but there’s hardly any 3G signal in Kent so I can’t read the internet on my phone! Arghhh! Also, my tiny phone screen is not the best thing to attempt to write blog posts on, which is partly why I’ve hardly been here the last two months.

That, and I have no idea what the focus for my blog should be any more. I don’t have the trauma of my PhD to resolve through the written word, and while I’m sure I will think about it and it’s on-going effects  on occasion, it’s not so burning an issue that I must write about it now. Which, tbh, is what drove the posts I felt most on fire about when writing.

So, this blog is going on a hiatus for the time being.

Which makes me kind of sad as WordPress informed me this week that it has been three years since I commandeered this domain. I’m still reblogging stuff I find pretty/amusing/interesting on Tumblr but again, now that I don’t have hours and hours of my day to burn, plus the crappiness of the internet interface on windows phone/internet explorer (which also hinders my WordPress usage after all their crappy “improvements”!), means that my queue is much shorter than it was when I was denying the horrors of my PhD and unemployment.

Love to you all, and see you around.

I’ll drop in once a month or so between now and Christmas, so I won’t be gone completely, and you can always email me (see my About page).