Happy BiVisibility Day!

I’m here and I’m queer! Get used to it!

I’m bisexual, not invisible.

Just because I’m in a long-term (6 years and counting) relationship with a cishet man, doesn’t mean I’m any less bisexual.

I still regularly get crushes on women and that’s ok too.

I’m happy with who I am these days, which as a nearly 30 yo cis woman, is actually a pretty great achievement. I came out to myself age 21, and out to most of my friends not much later. Coming out to most of my family took another 3-4 years. It took a lot of searching to figure it out initially, and a lot of self-forgiveness and gentleness as I emerged from a Chruch of England and Evangelical religious upbringing.

Point is, it’s do-able. It’s possible to be bi, and an adult, and have it not be a phase. It’s possible to be happy and comfortable with that too. I don’t always manage it but it’s not doom and gloom, it’s a thing to be proud of and to celebrate.

Here’s to BiVisibility Day 2018!