Nessie is a recent post-graduate, having completed her PhD in systems biology (cells + maths = fancy models of biological phenomena), who spends most of her spare time reading feminist blogs, pratting around on Tumblr and ranting about science. She also has side-lines in mediæval re-enactment and sailing tall ships.Ness

Possible topics of conversation include: women in science, science careers, body image, mental health, and leaving Christianity. Current main focus: recovering after grad-school-induced mental health issues and figuring out what the hell to do next.

Comments are welcome, comments are desired. Give me ALL your words!

Contact me at hatfullofness_AT_gmail.com


Also, come see my new Tumblr A Handfull of Ness! The lighter hearted side, with lots of Tatiana Maslany and Scarlett Johansson gifs. 🙂

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