6 weeks at the new job

Just dropping in to say hi, my lovelies. I’m still alive and doing rather well at the moment.

I’ve passed my 6 week probation at work, and my line manager is really happy with how quickly I’m picking things up. The work’s getting interesting as the two big projects I’m working on are gathering steam. The people I’m working with in the office are great and I have a good line manager for the first time. It’s such a change to struggling under my former PhD supervisor.

I’m getting used to the London commute, but it’s two hours each way which means I’m spending 20 hours a week commuting. It’s brutal and means I have very little free time at home during the week. By the time I walk in the door all I want is to eat instant food that requires no effort on my part, say hello to my Squishy,  and fall into bed. I do technically have the time on my commute all to myself but there’s hardly any 3G signal in Kent so I can’t read the internet on my phone! Arghhh! Also, my tiny phone screen is not the best thing to attempt to write blog posts on, which is partly why I’ve hardly been here the last two months.

That, and I have no idea what the focus for my blog should be any more. I don’t have the trauma of my PhD to resolve through the written word, and while I’m sure I will think about it and it’s on-going effects  on occasion, it’s not so burning an issue that I must write about it now. Which, tbh, is what drove the posts I felt most on fire about when writing.

So, this blog is going on a hiatus for the time being.

Which makes me kind of sad as WordPress informed me this week that it has been three years since I commandeered this domain. I’m still reblogging stuff I find pretty/amusing/interesting on Tumblr but again, now that I don’t have hours and hours of my day to burn, plus the crappiness of the internet interface on windows phone/internet explorer (which also hinders my WordPress usage after all their crappy “improvements”!), means that my queue is much shorter than it was when I was denying the horrors of my PhD and unemployment.

Love to you all, and see you around.

I’ll drop in once a month or so between now and Christmas, so I won’t be gone completely, and you can always email me (see my About page).

Survived my first week at work!

My first full week at my new job went well. I spent most of the week feeling horribly out of my depth just because there’s so much to learn. It’s a similar feeling to the one I had when I started my PhD. But I know it won’t last so it’s survivable. This week was a mix of conference calls (TCs, which is confusing because to me, TC means Tissue Culture!) with clients and hand-over meetings going through the backgrounds of the projects I’ll be working on as an Account Exec. Continue reading

Complicated post-PhD and job-hunting feels

I had a pretty rough day yesterday. Job hunting is not going well – there are hardly any entry level medical writer jobs available. All of them want  3-6 months med comms experience. Which, how the fuck am I supposed to get that without someone taking me on with no experience? I have a fucking PhD – med comms is supposed to be great for those with a PhD but no companies that I can reasonably get to are hiring. And relocating is not an option because of Squisher’s job, not unless we want to go back to long distance. Which, we don’t. We’ve only been living together for about three months!

The recruiters I’ve spoken to suggested getting an unpaid internship. Like, ahahaha no. I didn’t put myself through the agony of the PhD just so I could work for free. Continue reading

Reflections on finishing my PhD

Unlike my usual self, I’ve been lost for words lately. Many of my posts about my PhD experience have been word vomits – chucking all my strong feelings at the page and just letting it all out in the hopes that it begins to make sense to me, and that I can calm myself in the process. Writing here has been a vital safety valve, both for the virtues of the process itself and the support you my readers have given me.

The thing is, at the moment, life is pretty cushty. I’m settled in with Squisher, our house looks like a proper grown-up house, we get to chill out in each others’ company of an evening and at weekends. My PhD is finally, completely, utterly finished. My corrections have been accepted and I will be graduating on the 22nd July which is only a few weeks away. Soon, very soon, I will never have to interact with my wretched supervisor again. Once I have his reference, and have handed my lab boooks and laptop back to the lab, I am done. With him and with it.

The approaching freedom is so close I can taste it. Continue reading

Still here! Also, Sailing Trip Review.

Just a quick one to say “hi”.

We’ve finally had our internet fixed. Four days without internet is hard, y’all! Some bugger had nicked the coppper cable between the exchange box and the telephone pole. *sigh*.

I’m finishing off my thesis corrections, as I need to hand them in this week if I want to graduate in July!

Last week was also thesis corrections.

The week before was a sailing trip from Southampton to Cardiff. I got promoted to Watch Leader from Deckhand, which resulted in one hell of an experience. I loved it, but oh god, such hard work!

Mainly becuase the ship only had 15 voyage crew where the usual number is 12-16 *per watch*, with *three* watches. So we had two watches and both myself and the other watchleader had never been watch leaders before! Also, it was only the second voyage ever for the other WL! To further complicate matters, of our tiny crew, half were Saudi Arabian Naval Cadets in their first year of naval college. Never mind the language barrier, but bloody hell, I have NEVER encountered a group with SUCH TIME KEEPING DIFFICULTIES. We counted it as a win if they were ONLY FIFTEEN MINUTES LATE on watch. Fucking hell.

Getting them out of bed was worse than getting a teenage boy (little brother, I’m looking at you) up in time for school. So when they had to be on watch for 00.00 hours, we had to start getting them up 45 min before they were due on deck. Usually you need 15 min to get a Watch up on deck, AND you don’t need to supervise them during that time.

ANYWAY, aside from that PITA, it was a great trip. We were out in a Force 9 gale (mostly by mistake), had two overnight anchorages, a lovely stop in Weymouth, and a fantastic night out in Cardiff.

Sunset Clouds Continue reading

Unexpected Feels: Safety, Failure, and Loss

Let’s start with the good news.

First, I have completely unpacked all my belongings and found homes for everything. The dining room is no longer a mountain of boxes and it has a dining table which is doubling up as my desk at the moment. I also found curtains for the living room. Second, with the help of Mum, I’ve finished digging up the weeds in the garden and sown my flower seeds. She also identified all the mystery shrubs. There’s a Weigela, a Ceanothus and a Hydrangea. There’s also a Himalayan Honeysuckle which is in bud. Very exciting!

In the interesting news category, this coming week is my last at the RCN. I am sad to be leaving but also grateful as I had reached the limits of the interesting bits of the job and have spent the last two weeks bored out of my skull with not quite enough to do. I am however going to miss my paycheck, especially as I don’t have anything lined up for when I get back from sailing.

Speaking of which, I’m going sailing on the Stavros in a week’s time! Much Excite! Southampton to Cardiff with a sea shanty group! Hopefully the weather will have the correct amount of wind, in the right direction. The bad news is that we are currently lacking enough Watch Leaders and Deckhands. I hope to Neptune they fill the volunteer crew positions in time else I am going to be VERY busy.

Pink weigela flowers

Flowering Weigela – very pretty!

In between all the things I’ve been doing lately, I’ve been having some interesting emotional outbursts. I’ll just start feeling sad for what seems like no reason and then tears follow. Continue reading