Bisexual “Privilege”

My bisexuality has been on my brain a lot recently. In looking for stuff  that maybe some what captures how I feel, I stumbled across this post at the Vegan Abolitionist.

To quote:

I have often questioned my sexuality, because I have been in relationships with men, but not really women.


My sexuality is fetishized by most of the people with whom I engage in a relationship. Its true validity is negated by nearly everyone who expects me to just end up with a hetero man (and if I do, then I was never bisexual at all!). It is erased by straight and queer people alike. I’m “too straight”, never queer enough.




Trespassing in Gay Town

I had the good fortune to attend a conference this weekend for lesbian, bi, and transgender folk (MTF and FTM) of the kinky persuasion. Fun was had, new friends made and interesting insights gained but feelings were stirred and it was difficult.

I know I’m bisexual, I’ve known it for several years, but this weekend? I felt too straight. I realised I feel like a trespasser every time I walk through the Gay Village. I know my crushes on women are just as important to me as my crushes on men, and I know that if I met the right woman at the right time, I would date her. But in the face of that many queer folk whose relationships and gender presentations put them in the path of significant social stigma, I felt like I didn’t have the right to my voice.

'I bat for both' T-shirt

Best T-shirt I saw all weekend!

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