Still here! Also, Sailing Trip Review.

Just a quick one to say “hi”.

We’ve finally had our internet fixed. Four days without internet is hard, y’all! Some bugger had nicked the coppper cable between the exchange box and the telephone pole. *sigh*.

I’m finishing off my thesis corrections, as I need to hand them in this week if I want to graduate in July!

Last week was also thesis corrections.

The week before was a sailing trip from Southampton to Cardiff. I got promoted to Watch Leader from Deckhand, which resulted in one hell of an experience. I loved it, but oh god, such hard work!

Mainly becuase the ship only had 15 voyage crew where the usual number is 12-16 *per watch*, with *three* watches. So we had two watches and both myself and the other watchleader had never been watch leaders before! Also, it was only the second voyage ever for the other WL! To further complicate matters, of our tiny crew, half were Saudi Arabian Naval Cadets in their first year of naval college. Never mind the language barrier, but bloody hell, I have NEVER encountered a group with SUCH TIME KEEPING DIFFICULTIES. We counted it as a win if they were ONLY FIFTEEN MINUTES LATE on watch. Fucking hell.

Getting them out of bed was worse than getting a teenage boy (little brother, I’m looking at you) up in time for school. So when they had to be on watch for 00.00 hours, we had to start getting them up 45 min before they were due on deck. Usually you need 15 min to get a Watch up on deck, AND you don’t need to supervise them during that time.

ANYWAY, aside from that PITA, it was a great trip. We were out in a Force 9 gale (mostly by mistake), had two overnight anchorages, a lovely stop in Weymouth, and a fantastic night out in Cardiff.

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